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Get to Know the Common Problems of Your Sump Pump


Having a sudden break down of your sump pump will give you a problem specifically of a basement that is filling up with water in just a matter of minutes. A quick action is required in this situation, and your option would be to call for a repair man, but by the time the repair man arrives, your basement is already filled with water. Getting a repair man would be expensive plus you have a basement that is flooded already, and so it is better to do your own Sump Pump Repair Edmonton. Your decision to do the repairs yourself would allow you to save the cost of a repair man and you save your basement for being flooded for you will do the repairs immediately.


There are several common sump pump problems and we will describe here briefly on how to approach them.


The first common sump pump problem is the float, which rises with the water level and it turns on the pump. There is a dependency of the pump on the float as this makes the pump operates. Your first action therefore is to check if the float is obstructed from performing.  To get the float from functioning again, just clean out the debris that have clogged the machine. Note that this solution seems simple but unfortunately you can detect this only when the water level in your basement is already high. Therefore, it is better to make sure that there is no obstruction in the float like debris or particles by checking the pit regularly.


The next concern is the check valve, and this is the valve that makes sure that the water will go into the pump and does not flow back into the pit. Note that there is a wrong installation of the check valve if the water level would start to rise. Be informed that the direction of the arrow on the valve should be pointing away from the pump.


The next common problem of Sump Pumps that we will point out is the unusual humming sound of the pump coming from the impeller. When there is this sound difficulty you hear, it could be that the impeller has caught bugs, debris and other particles that prevented smooth functions. Immediately remove the debris from the impeller and install a filter to catch the small objects and prevent the problem from happening again.

After considering these matters about your sump pump, another aspect about the machine that you should not take for granted is its electrical wiring. It is better also to check the electrical wiring of the sump pump to avoid frustration of having a machine that can operate and be stopped with a faulty electrical wiring. Therefore, it is advisable that you also check for any broken wires, or with its main electrical supply, fuses and breakers.